Elizabeth C. Miller

encouraging English speaking

Hello, my name is Elizabeth.

My full name is Elizabeth Catherine Miller – I am the ecm of talk with ecm! I empower professionals to use English more confidently and expand opportunities for work, networking & more. I have helped many people overcome hurdles and dramatically improve their English skills to accomplish goals. Today, I am ready to help you meet your goals – this could mean:
  • pass an important exam
  • increase your salary
  • open new business markets
  • get a new job
  • open new business opportunities
  • & more!
I take a different approach than most other English teachers… I don’t use textbooks filled with a lot of grammar rules & drills. Instead, I show you how to focus on your goals, develop the key points of learning & learn English that you can actually use. I don’t have all the answers, in fact many times, I have all the questions! I show you how to think about the questions & find the answers you need. I encourage English learners to share their knowledge & skills together. I focus on speaking – together – right away. I will show you the tools & tips you need to speak confidently in English from day one. With this knowledge you can train your brain to work like a native English speaker.